Axe-Game | Introduction

11.14.2021 : Edited: 1.31.22

■ Unless you're a friend of mine, you probably don't know I am making a game, Amend! (working title)

■ I have for nearly a year now actually! Breaking it down, it's a 2D Action Platformer with Dialogue to tell a story! The story in question is still a wip, but a deadly virus was created - Code Named: E-0128 - created by an unknown source. Alex, a teenage boy on behalf of his piers decides to go on a quest to cease the virus. People are doubting Alex as he isn't the right fit for the job.

■ I'm doing this completely alone so this may take a long time. Plus, this is my first game I am making using Game Maker, a lil irresponsible of me but what can I say... I'm doing this for fun!

■ The game in it's current state is going very nicely! The """Tutorial""" stage is nearly complete! Very excited about that. I plan to have 5 major stages before you face the final boss. You will also be given a choice that will affect your gameplay. Much like Cave Story and OneShot, which are by the way my two biggest inspirations for creating this game! I hope to finish it one of these days, even if it takes me a couple years.